Wednesday, June 22, 2016


The wind was perfect, the toy plane looked almost flawless. She stood at the top of the hill clutching the toy plane in her small hands. Holding the plane she threw it forward; It flew it into the air for a short distance, but then CRASH! The small plane had fallen to the ground.

The little girl walked over to a picnic table near a small tree and began to sob. Then suddenly out of nowhere came a small airship, as small as the toys she made. A small person hopped out of the toy sized airship and sprinted to a short pencil and grabbed it as it were in battle. The girl looked over at the small airship that was broken. An idea soon popped into the girl’s head to fix the tiny airship.

The girl ran to her old crashed plane at the bottom of the hill and attached it onto the small person’s airship. She ran to the hill and threw the airship into the night sky. It flew into the air like a bird. The little person opened up a small bag full of tiny white dots; she tossed them into the dark, gloomy sky. The dots glimmered and shone. The girl looked up and simed at the sky that was now full of bright shining stars.

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